If you have been diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancer, learn more about a gentler way to treat skin cancer.

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SkinCure Oncology is changing the face of non-melanoma skin cancer treatment forever with Image-Guided SRT, an Image-Guided Superficial Radiotherapy solution. It targets affected areas without surgery, providing a painless, effective alternative to Mohs surgery as well as an additional treatment option for your dermatology practice.

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Image-Guided SRT is a non-invasive, effective alternative to Mohs surgery that offers your practice a treatment option with many patient benefits, including fewer side effects, better cosmetic results, and less recovery time.

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Image-Guided SRT is not only a pain-saving technology but a way to make your practice more successful, with minimum upfront risk and no out-of-pocket costs. Happier patients with better outcomes is the perfect formula for success.

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SkinCure Oncology handles all aspects of implementing Image-Guided SRT, from installing equipment and providing therapists to providing business expertise, all without disrupting your business practice.

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99 %+ cure rate and patient satisfaction Cure rate is from a 2020 IG-SRT Study.
Patient satisfaction score is from an April 2020 – October 2022 patient satisfaction survey with 10,364 respondents who received IG-SRT treatment in that period.

80000 + patients treated

315 + practices across the country and growing quickly as of July 2024

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Joining the SkinCure Oncology team has really opened my eyes to the numerous ways technology can help optimize patient satisfaction and outcomes. As a Mohs surgeon, I know firsthand that many skin cancer patients would prefer a non-invasive alternative. The support staff that SkinCure Oncology provides has been a pleasure to work with, and has improved access to care for my patients.
Dr. Ladd Jr.
We’re an extremely patient-focused group. Recommending the optimal solution for our patients' dermatology needs is our number one priority. Based on our initial interactions with SkinCure, as well as feedback from our patients, we’re expanding the SRT program to additional locations.
Dr. Desai
The SkinCure Oncology team has exceeded my expectations in every way. Since adding the IG-SRT capabilities, we’ve been able to expand our treatment protocols to better serve our current patients as well as acquire new ones.
Dr. Brown
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It's amazing to see your skin structure… you're looking at your skin structure and you can see the cancer cells, and then over time you see the cancer cells shrink as the cancer is eradicated through the radiation therapy.
Dick A.
So, all the way through all this chaos, it was just like a calm in the storm, so I felt like everything was worth it. It was a great experience. You hardly want to say that getting treated for skin cancer is a great experience, but I really felt that. I’m very grateful to all the team, including everybody who helped me get enrolled and all the way up and down the line.
Peter S.
It takes a few seconds to do whatever it does. There’s no pain at all. In fact, if you had to ask me (about any negatives), I remember (my therapist) said, about halfway through you might get a little red circle, that shows that it’s working. But there was really nothing. There was never any pain, never any inconvenience.
Bob E.
If I had cancer anywhere, this [IG-SRT] would be my option. Anybody I talk to about it, I tell them this is the way you have to go.
Liz N.
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