If you have been diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancer, learn more about a gentler way to treat skin cancer.

Our Clinical Model

Our Clinical Model

Better for Your Patients

When performed using adaptive radiotherapy protocols, Image Guided Superficial Radiotherapy (IG-SRT) offers superior results. Committed to working with dermatologists to offer an alternative treatment for non-melanoma skin cancer, SkinCure Oncology delivers better outcomes at a lower cost. Your patients deserve every viable treatment option. Offer IG-SRT.


Achieving world-class cure rates

When following proven adaptive radiotherapy protocols, IG-SRT has been shown to provide clinical outcomes equal to, if not better than, any other treatment modality, including Mohs surgery.

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Reducing patient risks

IG-SRT is a radiotherapy-based treatment, no surgical intervention is required. As a result, IG-SRT greatly reduces, and in many cases eliminates, many of the side effects patients might otherwise experience with surgical intervention.

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Providing superior cosmetic results

IG-SRT is an especially attractive treatment option for patients concerned with undergoing a surgical procedure or worried about their appearance post-surgery.

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Delivering more consistent results

With Mohs surgery, the skill of the surgeon will have a significant impact on the results. With IG-SRT, that inconsistency is eliminated.

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Visual “proof” of healing

Utilizing Image-guided therapy facilitates world-class cure rates and, with IG-SRT, both clinicians and their patients can see the tumor is shrinking.

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The Clinical Case for IG-SRT

Over the past several years, improvements in Superficial Radiotherapy (SRT) have transformed this therapy into the new non-surgical gold standard. When performed with image-guidance and adaptive radiotherapy protocols, Image Guided Superficial Radiotherapy has been shown to provide best-in-class outcomes while minimizing the side effects often associated with surgical intervention.

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World Class Cure Rates

When following proven adaptive radiotherapy protocols, IG-SRT has been shown to provide clinical outcomes equal to, or better than, any other treatment modality, including Mohs Surgery.

Based on a clinical study of 2,781 lesions, IG-SRT was shown to be more than 99% effective in curing both squamous cell and basal cell carcinoma. This compares favorably to the results for Mohs Surgery as reported by the American Academy of Dermatology. It’s important to note the results for IG-SRT are not applicable to non-image guided radiotherapy procedures and IG-SRT is the only radiotherapy-based procedure proven to provide superior outcomes.

Treatment OptionSquamous Cell CarcinomaBasal Cell Carcinoma
IG-SRT with SkinCure Oncology Protocol199.3%99.5%
Mohs Surgery296.0%98.0%
SRT without image guidance and without SkinCure Oncology Protocol275.0%89.0%
  1. A study of 2,781 lesions treated with IG-SRT using nationally established protocols showed local control rates of 99.3% for squamous cell carcinoma and 99.5% for basal cell carcinoma.
  2. https://www.practiceupdate.com/content/aad-2018-mohs-best-option-for-squamous-cell-carcinoma-but-radiotherapy-might-be-adequate-for-basal-cell-carcinoma/64594

Reduces Risks to the Patient

Patients undergoing Mohs surgery face a number of risks, including scar formation at the site of tumor removal; larger than expected wound creation upon removal of the skin cancer; poor wound healing; excessive bleeding; infection; loss of nerve function; regrowth of the tumor; and cosmetic or functional deformities. IG-SRT is a radiotherapy-based treatment and no surgical intervention is required.

While Mohs surgery is a relatively safe procedure for patients without comorbidities, risks do increase for patients with diabetes, high or low blood pressure, peripheral artery disease, lymphedema, and other conditions. In addition, patients taking blood thinners and other medications that affect the blood’s ability to coagulate may be at increased risk.

Offers Superior Cosmetic Results

IG-SRT is an especially attractive treatment option for patients concerned with undergoing a surgical procedure or worried about the potential for disfigurement.

Radiation therapy (RT), with its long successful history in the management of cancer, has shown to be an effective alternative or complementary method in cutaneous oncology. Specifically, for dermatology applications, RT is very often the preferred option due to its favorable cosmetic results, besides the excellent control rate of the tumor.

Radiation Therapy Techniques in the Treatment of Skin Cancer: An Overview of the Current State and Outlook,
Journal of Dermatologic Treatment, Volume 30, 2019

Offers More Consistent Results Than Competing Treatment Options

When performing Mohs surgery, the skill level of the surgeon may have a significant impact on the results, most especially as it relates to the cosmetic outcome. However, with SkinCure Oncology’s IG-SRT treatment, the outcome is not dependent on the skills level or experience of a surgeon.

Instead, the practical model is built on cancer center protocols and staffing guidelines that include radiation safety officers, radiation facility protocols, trained radiation therapist technologists, and medical physicists.

Superficial radiotherapy is a uniformly excellent treatment approach to skin cancers… (with) cosmetic results widely regarded as brilliant.

Cancer Center of London

You Can Show Your Patients

At SkinCure Oncology, we call the ability to use image-guidance during therapy “see as you treat” because the radiotherapy technologist is able to view a live image of the tumor as radiotherapy is applied. Using “see as you treat” technology facilitates the adaptive radiotherapy protocol responsible for world-class cure rates, but that same technology also provides an added benefit to patients – visible proof the tumor is undetectable and likely vanquished.

The only feeling better than telling a patient the cancer is gone is actually showing them that the cancer is gone. With IG-SRT I’m able to show my patients the image recorded before treatment began alongside a live image of their now cancer-free skin.

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