If you have been diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancer, learn more about a gentler way to treat skin cancer.

Our Business Model

Our Business Model

Why Partner with SkinCure Oncology?

When you partner with SkinCure Oncology, there are no upfront costs for introducing Image-Guided SRT to your practice. You’ll also have technical, administrative and regulatory expertise and support every step of the way.

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Patient Trust

Image-Guided SRT can be an effective way of building long-term patient relationships and strengthening your referral network.

See How Offering Image-Guided SRT Builds Trust
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Effective Treatment

When using adaptive radiotherapy protocols, Image-Guided Superficial Radiotherapy (Image-Guided SRT) offers superior results.

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Quality Time with Patients

Image-Guided SRT relieves you from the burden of time-consuming surgical procedures or the need to outsource.

Learn How Quality Time Leads to Stronger Business

Image-Guided SRT Builds Patient Trust

At the end of the day, the value of your practice lies not in the physical building, the equipment, or even your talented staff. It’s really about your patients and your ability to provide the healthcare services they seek and deserve.

Patients who trust you stay with you and refer others to your practice. If that trust is lost, your patients may seek other providers and your business may falter. When it comes to treating non-melanoma skin cancer, your patients want to know that they are being offered every viable treatment option.

When properly implemented, Image-Guided SRT can help you build and maintain patient trust. With Image-Guided SRT featured on your website, Image-Guided SRT educational materials in your waiting room, and state-of-the-art Image-Guided SRT equipment and specially trained staff in your treatment room, you’re sending a clear message to patients: You’re invested in the latest medical technologies and offer highly effective, less invasive treatment options – in short, you’re committed to world-class care.

Healthcare is, at its core, based on relationships. And, as with any relationship, trust is foundational to building and maintaining a strong relationship.

Trust at the Core of the Patent Experience, Becker’s Hospital Review

Image-Guided SRT is the Most Effective Treatment Option

The results are finally in: Image-Guided Superficial Radiotherapy, when performed using adaptive radiotherapy protocols, offers superior results. The study speaks for itself – we encourage you to read it in full at the American Academy of Dermatology.

Landmark IG-SRT Study Shows 99%+ Cure Rate
IG-SRT Study Infographic – Dr Lio Yu, MD

IG-SRT is a safe and highly effective option for treating non-melanoma skin cancer and should be the first option for treating appropriate types of tumors in suitable patients, as cure rates are similar or superior to most surgical options, including Mohs Micrographic Surgery.

The Treatment of Non-Melanoma Carcinoma with Novel Image Guided SRT (IG-SRT): An Analysis

Image-Guided SRT Offers More Time to Interact with Patients

Mohs surgery is often a time-consuming procedure. Between surgical sessions, patients typically spend a great deal of time in the waiting room while doctors are busy determining if further cutting is needed. This means there’s often less time for meaningful interaction with patients.

With Image-Guided SRT, each session performed by the radiotherapist normally takes just a few minutes. The technological and administrative support provided by SkinCure Oncology allows you to spend your practice hours more flexibly. It especially frees you up to interact with patients – the kind of interaction that leads to patient retention, higher patient satisfaction ratings, and a healthier practice.

IG-SRT frees up clinical and physician assistant time, and gives me more time to have meaningful conversations with my patients.

Dr. Jon Ward, Dermatology Specialists of Florida

Image-Guided SRT with SkinCure Oncology is a Winning Formula

Image-Guided SRT involves more than installing sophisticated radiotherapy equipment. To be successful, practices need to adopt a proven business model that covers nine important areas:

  1. Equipment Procurement
  2. Regulatory Approval and Compliance
  3. Treatment Room Renovation
  4. Machine Installation and Calibration
  5. Clinical Treatment and Support Team
  6. Education and Training
  7. Practice Metrics and Reporting
  8. Business Operations
  9. Medical Documentation

Partnering with SkinCure Oncology gives you coverage in each of those nine important areas and makes for a winning formula.

A successful business model represents a better way than the existing alternatives. It may offer more value to a discrete group of customers.

Why Business Models Matter, Harvard Business Review

Our Practice Partners

95% of practices adopting Image-Guided SRT partner with SkinCure Oncology.