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Implementation Plan


Implementation Plan

What Happens Next?

After signing a Program Services Agreement with SkinCure Oncology, our Director of Implementation will contact your dermatology practice to review the implementation plan and establish a go-live date. It takes a team to implement superficial radiotherapy in a dermatologic office setting.

Pam Malik

First Steps

As soon as the agreement is signed by all parties, I personally contact the practice to determine a feasible timeline and explain all the steps involved in implementation: Build Out; State Registration; Machine Installation and Calibration; Provider Training; Radiation Therapist Hire; Administrative Support; Verification of Benefits and Claims Integrity Support; and Electronic Health Record Documentation Process. While many of these activities are turned over to specialists on the SkinCure Oncology team, my team and I stay actively involved across the entire implementation process and we’re available to answer any questions and address any concerns. – Pam M.

Kevin Brandt

Build Out

Prior to installation of the radiation therapy equipment, we need to turn a room within the practice location into a radiation therapy suite. I manage multiple construction crews across the country and we’re prepared to renovate treatment rooms as soon as the practice is ready. Specialized knowledge and experience is needed to do this right. You need to take into account physics guidelines. You need experience working with radiation shielding materials and construction techniques. You need to address electrical and wiring requirements and a host of other considerations. Just as important are the aesthetic considerations. We’re not just building to technical specifications, we need to address the higher aesthetic expectations typically found in dermatologic office settings and we need to do our work quickly and without disruption to the daily practice workflow. We’ve built out more than 150 treatment rooms over the past four years and our team takes great pride in the quality of our work. – Kevin B.

Debbie Garbin

State Registration

SkinCure Oncology prepares all necessary paperwork related to state regulatory filings, making it easy for you to sign and submit your application. We even take care of the filing fees. By statute, you’ll need a radiation safety plan specific to your practice. We will provide state-specific policies for your practice and will work with your radiation safety office to file the paperwork. – Debbie G.

SRT 100 Vision with Screen Montage

Machine Installation and Calibration

After room buildout is complete, we ship the machine to your office location. On installation day, the machine will be delivered and a manufacturer-provided engineer will  arrive on site to uncrate the device and install it in your treatment suite. After your machine is installed, we will schedule the physics team to calibrate your device.

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Provider Training – Technical

In-person technical training is coordinated through SkinCure Oncology and provided by the manufacturer. Your physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and radiation therapist will learn how to operate the equipment and your designated radiation safety officer will receive safety-officer training.

Dr Daniel Ladd Jr

Provider Training – Clinical

Clinical training is provided by our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Daniel Ladd. During this 2-hour session, Dr. Ladd teaches your team to identify Image-Guided SRT appropriate patients, educate those patients on their treatment options, and administer the treatment protocol.

Karen Trainor

Radiation Therapist Hire

SkinCure Oncology employs board certified radiotherapists (RTTs). We will place an RTT in your practice to facilitate treatment under your medical direction. In addition to assisting with patient treatments, the RTT will enter notes into your EMR / PM systems, manage maintenance and repairs of the equipment. The RTT will also provide assistance to your radiation safety officer,  maintain your radiation protection binder, and advise on appropriate patient selection, prescription guidelines, set-up treatment parameters, modality processes, and ultrasound image findings. The RTT will also work, under your supervision, to address patient questions, concerns, and potential reactions to treatment. Patient satisfaction with our RTTs is virtually 100% positive across the entire network. – Karen T.

Josh Swindle

Administrative Support

During implementation, one of our regional directors will be assigned to your practice. This regional director will support you and your radiation therapist throughout the life of the program. Support will include, but not be limited to practice metrics, reporting, clinical outcomes, and education. – Josh S.

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Partner Onboarding Specialist

During the implementation cycle, I will educate the practice on the support services offered by SkinCure Oncology and help develop an efficient workflow to ensure we are serving our partners as promised.  – Jacklyn C.

Brad Bransom

Implementation Specialists

During implementation, you will be assigned an implementation specialist who will arrive on site to help with initial simulations and work with your Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management provider to ensure appropriate setup.

Your implementation specialist will also be available to provide on-site education and training to your providers. – Brad B.

Our Practice Partners

95% of practices adopting Image-Guided SRT partner with SkinCure Oncology.