Over the years, more than 350 dermatology practices around the country have purchased SRT. Some have already switched to IG-SRT and many others are considering the transition. If you’re still using SRT, or have abandoned it, it’s time to consider IG-SRT with SkinCure Oncology.  

Here are just a few of the many reasons to transition to IG-SRT:

  • Better Results

    Image guidance allows you to see and treat the cancer. It also facilitates a better protocol – adaptive radiotherapy. The bottom line – 99% cure rates which far exceed the results of old style SRT.
  • Increased Patient Satisfaction

    While patients appreciate the opportunity to avoid Mohs surgery through less invasive SRT, they absolutely love IG-SRT because it allows them to see the cancer dissipate and healthy cells grow in their place. There are few feelings better than being able to show your patients the cancer is gone!
  • Upfront Cost Savings

    SRT purchased direct from the manufacturer historically required either a cash outlay or a financial commitment of several hundred thousand dollars. IG-SRT with SkinCure Oncology requires no cash outlay or upfront financial commitment by the practice.

Hear several dermatologists talk about the benefits of Image Guidance.

If you would like to explore the opportunity to transition to IG-SRT, give us a call today:

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