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Dermatology radiotherapy system with hybrid imager

The patient that turned SRT into Image-Guided Superficial Radiotherapy.

Journal:US Patent Office
Issue and Date:Publication of US10596392B2 (2020)
Authors:Kalman Fishman
Embodiments of the invention concern the use of novel combinations of hybrid imaging to facilitate treatment of lesions in the field of cutaneous oncology. The hybrid imaging methods described herein are specific to cutaneous oncology and will have various nuances specific to radiation therapy planning (“RTP”) oncology for skin cancer. Combined imaging methodologies provide a combination of anatomical and functional/metabolic data. The combined data offer the medical practitioner a highly accurate understanding of the skin cancer problem at hand. This capability is facilitated in a cutaneous oncology workstation that uses a unique combination of different imaging modalities and combines the data from each imaging method to facilitate optimal treatment planning.

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