If you have been diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancer, learn more about a gentler way to treat skin cancer.

It’s Not Just a Cure.
It’s GentleCure™.

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There are many ways to treat nonmelanoma skin cancer, but nothing compares to the GentleCure™ Experience available exclusively through a partnership with SkinCure Oncology. See all the ways SkinCure Oncology is working with practice partners to offer the GentleCure™ Experience—the ultimate delivery of Image-Guided SRT in a dermatology setting.

With the GentleCure™ Experience—
You Can Deliver Cancer Center-level Treatment in the Dermatology Setting

The IG-SRT machine Sensus SRT 100 Vision 3

The first and only FDA-cleared SRT technology equipped with high-frequency ultrasound imaging

  • Ability to visualize and measure the breadth, width, and depth of the tumor to determine the precise dose
  • Allows for real-time, adaptive, needs-based dosing over the course of treatment based on tumor and tissue response
  • Provides visual reassurance of tumor reduction and eradication over time

Adaptive radiotherapy protocols supported by published clinical research

99%+ cure rate for stage 0-II basal cell, squamous cell, and full thickness atypia squamous cell in situ carcinomas

Partner with SkinCure Oncology for Comprehensive Support and Best-In-Class Outcomes

Exclusive Partnership Advanced Technology and Protocols Comprehensive Patient Education Expert Clinical Support Best Practice Guidance
  • Best Practice Guidance
  • Expert Clinical Support
  • Comprehensive Patient Education
  • Advanced Technology and Protocols
  • Exclusive Partnership

80,000 + patients treated

99 % cure rate

99 % patient satisfaction

Treatment technology is only as good as the people, processes, and protocols that surround it. That’s why we created the GentleCure™ Experience— a comprehensive practice partner solution to help dermatologists deliver the Ultimate Patient Experience with Image-Guided SRT.

—Kerwin J. Brandt, Chief Executive Officer

See the Difference in Clinical Support

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See the Difference in Clinical Support

Connect to the latest published research supporting the safe and effective use of Image-Guided SRT.

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See the Difference In Partnering with SkinCure Oncology

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See the Difference In Partnering with SkinCure Oncology

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