Comprehensive Solution

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Patient preference is clear. Non-melanoma skin cancer patients who learn about Image Guided Superficial Radiotherapy frequently seek out dermatologists offering this less invasive treatment option.


Image Guided SRT, when performed using adaptive radiotherapy protocols, offers a cure rate comparable to Mohs surgery and is a first-line treatment option for both basal and squamous cell carcinoma.

Image Guided Superficial Radiotherapy is good for your patients and good for your practice. Call (941) 267-4979 now to discuss adding IG-SRT to your practice!

Choosing a comprehensive IG-SRT solution through SkinCure Oncology provides the quickest route to treatment:

  • Acquisition cost of treatment unit covered by SkinCure Oncology
  • Treatment room buildout and associated costs covered by SkinCure Oncology
  • Installation and setup provides by the manufacturer and SkinCure Oncology
  • State regulatory process managed by SkinCure Oncology
  • Radiation therapist provided by SkinCure Oncology
  • Training provided by the manufacturer and SkinCure Oncology
  • Billing and collection support provided by SkinCure Oncology
  • Maintenance cost covered SkinCure Oncology
  • Ongoing support provided by SkinCure Oncology

Act now and we will have your practice up and running with IG-SRT typically in less than 45 days.